Ngwe Saung Beach is undoubtedly a hidden gem. In fact, it’s Asia’s best kept beach secret. More than 15 kilometres of pristine beaches can be enjoyed with most being sparsely populated when compared to the region’s other popular seaside getaway locations. If you’re looking for seclusion and peace, Ngwe Saung Beach offers both in spades.

It is a four-hour drive away from Yangon and the lack of an airport is the primary reason tourists opt for other beaches in Southeast Asia. However, those feeling adventurous should definitely check out Ngwe Saung Beach. It is only a matter of time before more people find out about Asia’s best kept beach secret. Here are just a few of things you can enjoy during your visit.

Catch the sunset over the Bay of Bengal

Whether you are lounging at your hotel or enjoying a fresh seafood dinner at one of Ngwe Saung Beach’s many eateries, there is nothing quite like watching the sun go down over the Bay of Bengal. Picturesque doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful it truly is.

A starry night

After the sun goes down, the moon and stars light up the sky. Viewing them here is quite nice as the sound of waves crashing onto Ngwe Saung Beach can be heard in the background.

Hire a motorbike and explore

There is a lot to see all along Ngwe Saung Beach. The best way to peep it all is by hiring a motorbike. You can explore up and down the coast finding secluded spots, delightful cafes and other sights. Be sure to be careful and follow all road safety regulations.

Go snorkelling

There is some colourful coral and exotic fishes to be seen should snorkelling be your thing. Most of the snorkelling is situated around a few islands across from Ngwe Saung Beach, most of which are accessible on foot during low tide. Be sure to ask your hotel for additional information.

Important information

Low season runs from May to October in Asia’s best kept beach secret and some resorts shut their doors during this time. Infrastructure is still being built up around Ngwe Saung Beach which means roads can be a bit rough. In terms of entertainment, the region is developing. The number of bars and clubs is limited and you won’t find any restaurant chains either.

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