Amazing Phuket villas that are perfect for WFH

While some people are now returning to the office, many other companies are implementing permanent work from home (WFH) policies. Interestingly, that has seen employees rethink where they live.

After all, if you take part in WFH and it doesn’t matter where your home is, why not live in a beautiful tropical paradise like Phuket? You are seeing more and more individuals opting to make the island their base.

That’s because it already has all you need for a comfortable life. Improved infrastructure and an international airport mean getting around is a breeze. International schools make it possible to bring the entire family while large shopping centers ensure small comforts are always within reach. And, of course, you have the stunning beaches and plentiful recreation opportunities.

Those thinking about working from Phuket will need a place to live. And that’s where Thailand Property comes in. We have found four amazing Phuket villas that are perfect for WFH on our website.

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4 amazing Phuket villas that are perfect for WFH

Botanica Luxury Villas

Starts at: THB35 million

Botanica Luxury Villas
Botanica Luxury Villas can be customized to your preferences

Botanica Luxury Villas appear to be works of art. Featuring bespoke designs and large usable areas, residences are crafted around a natural stone-tiled swimming pool that supports a free-flowing floorplan. The vaulted, teak wood ceilings produce an elegant and authentic look throughout each home while natural light is welcomed in to create a positive feeling.

Customization is also possible to ensure your ideal WFH setup is available. Located in the tranquil Phuket hillside, Botanica Luxury Villas are only a kilometer away from stunning Bangtao Beach and it is within easy walking distance to local markets and a major shopping complex.

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Ansaya Phuket

Starts at: THB15.1 million

Ansaya Phuket villa for sale
Ansaya Phuket features architecture design inspired by Thailand’s cultural heritage

Also located near Bangtao Beach is Ansaya Phuket, a modern villa development featuring architecture design inspired by Thailand’s cultural heritage. These residences may look a little different from what many people are used to, but there is a good reason for that. A great deal of effort has gone into crafting homes that provide a connection with nature while allowing for the most comfortable living experience.

An example of this is how the design enhances ventilation through the local breeze. Other touches, such as the Thai style courtyard and sala, found in the villas are spaces where you can be inspired to do your best work.

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Riverhouse Phuket

Starts at: THB16.9 million

Riverhouse Phuket is the island's most sustainable villa development
Riverhouse Phuket is the island’s most sustainable villa development

Villas at Riverhouse Phuket will appeal to those who want a modern, vibrant home that combines the tropical and loft lifestyles. The incorporation of open space and tasteful industrial elements gives it a distinct vibe when compared to other residences around the island. From a work context, you can create an office space, but you’ll also find private corners and other spaces that allows you to break up daily monotony.

What is truly unique about Riverhouse Phuket is its commitment to sustainability. Each home is fitted with solar panels that are part of an integrated system that helps power the entire development. Other innovations include an in-home dehumidifier that keeps residences free of fungus and smells without needing to use air conditioning.

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MONO Luxury Villa Pasak

Starts at: THB8.9 million

MONO Luxury Villa phuket
Homes at MONO Luxury Villas come fully furnished and are move-in ready

Situated close to Laguna Phuket, MONO Luxury Villa Pasak is a bespoke estate featuring fully furnished residences that are move-in ready. While homes here may be a but smaller than some of the others we have featured, this doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality. On the contrary, every villa here has a pool and the same level of amenities.

This makes it ideal for couples or entrepreneurs who want the privacy and space a villa provides without the extra bedrooms.

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Find more amazing Phuket villas

Our list is only a start, however. Thailand Property has numerous other amazing Phuket villas that are perfect for your unique WFH needs. Find yours today!