Content tips for real estate agents and developers

Content plays a key role in any real estate marketing strategy

Competition across Asia among real estate agents, developers and others in the industry is at an all-time high. There is also an ever-growing number of choices on how to market your brand, projects and services.

Ultimately, content is an important friend for those in the real estate industry. It is a sector in which knowledge and unique writing remains in high demand. The key is having content that connects with readers and is in places that are visible. After all, there is no point in writing something that no one reads and can’t be found by the potential clients you’re targeting.

Here are a couple of tips to creating great content that will help your firm engage with potential clients and hopefully reach its goals.

Don’t do it all yourself

Marketing budgets are tight, but it is vital to not rely solely on your own communications channels as this significantly limits your audience. You have to be willing to look for other outlets that can not only promote your brand, but also help craft your message.

For example, Dot Property offers a number of online and offline content strategies that can be tailored to your requirements. The editorial team will write it and publish the content across various channels. Your message will reach the diverse Dot Property audience, being read by those outside your communications sphere.

Additionally, it adds to your online reputation. This is something many people in the real estate industry don’t think about. What shows up when you search for your company or a project on Google? Is it only content from your website? Is there negative content? Having content on websites beyond your own gives readers something else to consume. It also pushes down any negative articles currently showing up on Google.

Avoid writing content for the wrong audience

A common mistake many companies make is using jargon when writing an article for the general public. Simply put, jargon is words and phrases that those within the real estate industry understand, but may not be known to most other readers. It is best to avoid jargon if you are writing for a mass audience.

Alternatively, if you are crafting a thought leadership article, you may want to include language the average reader may not understand. That’s because you want to reach readers who already know something on the topic. This audience wants to hear an expert’s voice and is far more likely to understand jargon.

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