The bathroom has become an ever more important space for relaxation and rejuvenation, away from distractions and disturbances that life can bring. Once seen as a utilitarian space, homeowners are now placing more emphasis on the bathroom. Many aim to create an enjoyable private space which resembles the stylish facilities found in 5-star hotels.

Hansgrohe Singapore’s brands AXOR and hansgrohe, have fitted countless high-end hotels throughout Asia. The award-winning company shares some tips for homeowners with us that will allow them to bring the same sophistication to their own hotel-inspired bathroom.


hotel-inspired bathroom by HansgroheLike the bedroom, the bathroom is a space characterised by one’s individual taste, and reflects the personality of the occupants. While standard colours like white have dominated interior design for years, they have become insufficient to meet the changing needs of homeowners, who are seeking to individualise their bathroom through different ways.

In order to create a luxurious hotel-inspired bathroom, colours can be one of the aspects homeowners must consider when designing their private space. Fiery red and orange tones, often used as accents in the living space with modern furniture and accessories, symbolise energy, strength and intimacy, while blue shades create a cosy ambience with a soothing effect with connotations of nature or the ocean.

Other than tiles and walls in the bathroom, colours can apply to bathroom fittings too. The AXOR brand offers a bespoke customisation service for bathroom fittings manufactured with Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), adding a personal touch to the bathroom. These iconic bathroom fittings in special finishes such as bronze, nickel or red gold, brushed or polished, are exceptionally aesthetic and functional, and augment the luxury bathroom with extra character, similar to popular luxury hotel bathrooms.

Lighting, texture and scent

The lighting of the bathroom space, the texture of the materials and the fragrance used in the bathroom are important in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Our senses are aroused by many details. For example, we want to enjoy the rain shower on our skin, we are pleased by the soft lighting during a relaxing shower, we caress our hands over the marble counter tops and we savour the whiff of the aromas in the bathroom.

Refined finishes bring joy, including fine grains in natural stone, non-slip wood, marbled tiles and the pattern of small mosaics and tiles. These bathroom companions, as featured in Martin Modern and Stars of Kovan residences in Singapore, have structures that please the eye and turn the bathroom into a luxurious and inviting space, bringing about a more pleasurable experience and encouraging a longer stay in the bathroom.

The overall bath lighting and vanity lighting can also contribute significantly to the ambience created in the bathroom. A general rule of thumb is to use different light for different purposes. When creating a hotel-inspired bathroom, it is also important not to neglect the scent of the bathroom. What many people fail to realise about those luxurious 5-star hotel bathrooms is the fact they always have a pleasing scent. It is a small detail that goes a long way.


A luxurious hotel bathroom is often designed with a specific theme. These can be classic, modern or even industrial concepts that tie everything together. When designing a posh bathroom for the home, it’s important to decide first on the theme before searching for fittings and accessories to match the bathroom theme.

The JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa, a 5-star luxury hotel, features bathrooms with an impeccable classic theme. Designed by famed architect Bill Bensley, the bathrooms feature the AXOR Montreux fittings, the epitome of authenticity in perfection. Designed by AXOR and Phoenix Design, the AXOR Montreux collection pays tribute to the belle époque of the early 20th century.

The industrial-themed bathrooms of The Warehouse in Singapore’s in Robertson Quay offers an edge over typical bathrooms with a clean and minimalist style featuring concrete and metal. Fitted with the AXOR Shower Products designed by FRONT, the bathroom is timelessly modern with a warm welcoming effect.


hotel-inspired bathroom by Hansgrohe 3For some homeowners, a hotel-inspired bathroom should be equipped with the latest technology. This is a sign of the sophisticated hospitality present in many hotel bathrooms. There are indeed bathroom fittings which feature advanced technology for the users. These create unmatched convenience and ease-of-use.

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