What is hands-free property investment?

hands-free property investment
Hands-free property investment allows you to enjoy the returns while someone else takes care of the details

There are many types of property investment available, especially overseas. And we aren’t just talking about location. You can now invest in different real estate sectors, dabble in fractional property investment and take advantage of numerous other opportunities. Regardless of the where and what, hands-free property investment remains the preferred option for those considering cross-border options.

Hands-free property investment is exactly what it sounds like. You purchase a property and everything from unit management to rental returns are taken care of by a single company. This ensures you don’t have to worry about common challenges such as finding a tenant.

This is critically important for real estate investment overseas where you might not be completely familiar with how the market works. Finding a tenant, for example, can be a struggle since you probably don’t know where to look and what regulations you need to follow. Hiring a property management company is an alternative, but then you still need to choose a firm, which takes time.

But hands-free property investment allows you to steer clear of these issues altogether. You are buying the property with a rental agreement directly with the management company who provided serviced apartment rentals. The company that helps you purchase the property will also liaise with the lettings management company so that you have one point of contact. Ultimately, this saves you time as well as money and creates a stress-free experience.

Finding a hands-free property investment partner

If you opt for a hands-free property investment, it is important to find a partner with a proven track record of success. You want to be sure the company you choose can fulfil their promises, especially if you are considering a purchase overseas.

The United Kingdom is a popular place for hands-free property investment among Southeast Asian real estate buyers. It is a market they are familiar with in addition to offering stability and historically strong returns. A number of companies now offer full-service, real estate investment opportunities for overseas buyers.

One Touch Property Investment is one firm providing hands-free property investment to an international clientele. The firm assigns a personal investment consultant to guide you through the entire process. This includes finding the correct property, unit management and a host of other services.

And while it may be hands-free property investment, this doesn’t mean you will be left in the dark. One Touch Property Investment believes in being a communicative partner that’s there for you every step of the way no matter where in the world you happen to be located.

In terms of real estate, One Touch Property Investment works with reliable UK developers who have a track record in delivering properties on time. This is one way the company looks to minimise your risks. The company also focuses on buy-to-let investments in upcoming cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. These areas have the potential for greater capital uplift and excellent rental yields.

If you’re considering overseas real estate and want a hands-free property investment, One Touch Property Investment has several exciting UK opportunities available.

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