What if you could own a unique hotel on a tropical island that is popular among local and overseas tourists? Not only that, but one that was available at a significant discount? The award-winning CMP Realty has a listing you don’t want to miss.

This beautiful 25-key resort on Koh Mak is ideal for anyone wanting either a turnkey investment or a property that can be expanded upon. The opportunities are truly endless. Let’s start with what is already on-site.

The hotel features 25 fully equipped bungalows with air conditioning installed. Additionally, the resort boasts a three-level swimming pool, two restaurants, two parking lots, an office, employee housing and a private dock. There is also additional space that could be used to build roughly 20 more bungalows or several premium villas.

unique hotel for sale in Thailand
An areal view of the unique hotel for sale in Koh Mak

It sits along the waters of the Gulf of Thailand on Koh Mak. Situated south of Koh Chang, this tropical island has become quite popular over the past few years because of the quieter, more laid-back ambiance it offers. It’s easily accessible via ferry from Trat which is connected to Bangkok by both air and road links.

CMP Realty has the resort listed on Dot Property Thailand for THB80 million, THB40 million off the original asking price. With the potential for future hospitality development on Koh Mak limited, this presents investors with a unique opportunity to secure a spot in an up-and-coming tourist destination.

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CMP Realty was named among Thailand’s Best Real Estate Agencies at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2021

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