This real estate development is building a forest in Bangkok

A common complaint is that Bangkok lacks green areas. With space in the city center at a premium and land prices inching upwards, real estate developers opt to maximize usage. While most builders try to find ways to incorporate trees and sometimes small parks into their projects, these can still be rather limiting.

One company wanted to change that. Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC) felt like they could invert that concept by building a forest in Bangkok and then placing a real estate development around it. This idea is what has inspired The Forestias.

It must be stressed that MQDC is building a real forest in Bangkok. This isn’t simply some trees or green spaces. Ecologists and conservationists have been hired to help build a living, breathing ecosystem that will be the heartbeat of The Forestias.

Flora and fauna have been carefully selected and introduced gradually to ensure a vibrant, healthy forest that grows right alongside the project’s residents. Meanwhile, a team of park rangers will be on hand to monitor The Forestias ecosystem as well as provide educational services to the public.

MQDC has set aside 30 rai (4.8 hectares) of forest that will be inaccessible to the public. This decision was made to provide protection to certain plant and animal species that flourish better without human traffic. However, the public can still observe some of these areas via the canopy walk that connects the various parts of the mixed-use estate.

This protected area is the hub of the forest which spans to every last corner of The Forestias. In fact, more than half of the entire development has been set aside for it. The project itself covers nearly 400 rai, or 64 hectares. To put this into context, the newly expanded Benchakitti Park is 72 hectares while Lumphini Park is 57 hectares.

According to the developer, this is the largest such forest to be built within a metropolitan township project.

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Building a forest in Bangkok for a better life

The Forestias Bangkok forest
Forests will cover more than half of The Forestias

MQDC believes that building a forest in Bangkok can allow people to live a better life. For starters, it cites numerous studies conducted over the years that show a direct correlation between access to green spaces and improved health and wellbeing.

There are also the environmental benefits that building a forest in Bangkok should bring. For example, there will be much less pollution in and around The Forestias. Additionally, temperatures inside could be anywhere from two to five degrees Celsius cooler than in other parts of the city.

The developer has been very careful to place the various residential projects around the forest to ensure everyone could enjoy a connection to nature. Every time a person walks out of their front door or building, they will be immersed in the beauty only the environment provides.

The public has taken notice of the work MQDC is doing at The Forestias. The development won Thailand People’s Choice Award for Project of the Year at the Dot Property Thailand Awards 2021. Given the firm’s unique and bold plans, it was something they took a great deal of pride in winning.

“Winning these awards makes us very proud. It makes us feel like we are developing The Forestias in the right direction. We don’t only want to develop a good project, we want it to be one of the best projects in the world,” Khun Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, MQDC Senior Vice President, proclaims.

Those wanting to catch a glimpse of The Forestias and see how MQDC is building a forest in Bangkok can visit the project showroom in Bang Na. Interestingly, it is the country’s largest real estate showroom and several immersive experiences provide you with a better understanding of the development’s magnitude.