Why retire in the Philippines and where should you live?

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A growing number of people are choosing to retire in the Philippines

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The familiar language and culture of the Philippines offers some expats choosing to retire here a certain comfort level not found elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The Filipino culture can be found all over the world thanks to the country’s large diaspora while widespread use of English ensures there is no language barrier for those coming from the US, Australia, Canada or the UK.

Of course, there is much more to the Philippines than this. The country boasts a rich diversity of landscapes. You can enjoy everything from bustling city life to slow beachside relaxation in the country.

“The Philippines has 7,107 islands to choose from and you can find a place to live that best suits your lifestyle. From the sophisticated facilities and convenience of urban areas, such as Makati and Bonifacio Global City, to the endless recreational opportunities found in the tourist friendly provinces, there’s a lot of activities for you in the Philippines,” Santos proclaims.

Cebu is now a trendy retirement destination thanks to a growing city which has become a business hub and access to countless beaches. The opening of Terminal 2 at Mactan-Cebu International Airport has improved international connections with non-stop flights from Cebu to South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore now available.

Even more connections will be possible later this year with Philippine Airlines set to resume a Cebu to Los Angeles route and Qatar Airways ready to launch service from Cebu to Doha.

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Retire in the Philippines and enjoy the natural beauty

Those wanting something a little more remote choose Dumaguete which has become a retirement hub of sorts. Known as “The City of Gentle People”, Dumaguete is popular thanks to its sparkling beaches and laidback ambiance.

In the north of the country, Laguna and Clark remain the preferred destination for Australian and Americans. Plenty of expat hangouts can be found all around these areas with the former US military base now part of the Clark Freeport Zone.

No matter where you wish to live in retirement, there are a few positives that can be found throughout the entire country. These include a low cost of living. According to research from International Living, most expats can live comfortably on USD1,000 per month in the Philippines. The total includes items such as dining out and domestic travel.

“What makes the Philippines a retirement haven is the affordable, yet quality way of life combined with the warmth and care only Filipinos can offer. The weather is another reason why more and more retirees choose the Philippines,” Santos notes. “This is a good consideration for those retirees who suffer from health problems in extremely cold weather. The country also has world-class health care and medical facilities, another important consideration.”

Making the decision to retire in the Philippines

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Finding the right place will ensure you enjoy retirement

Choosing to retire in the Philippines is a big decision. Especially if you haven’t spent a lot of time there. Santos believes the best way to get to know the Philippines is to experience it for yourself.

“My advice is to first visit and scout the country. Maybe more than once since there is so much to explore. Feel the rich culture, the warmth of the Filipinos and study the Philippine way of life. Then choose where to settle,” Santos says. “In the Philippines, your retirement money will go a long way and you may be able to enjoy a lifestyle not possible in other locations.”

Finding where you want to live and then locating a property does take time. If you aren’t sure where exactly you want to settle down, it may be best to rent a property for a few months in different locations. Experience what each area has to offer. And if you do fall in love with a specific location, then purchase a property.

Having a partner to guide you through the entire process can be helpful. Companies, such as Philsworld Documentation Services, have assisted countless international clients settle in the Philippines and understand your unique needs.

“Whether it is searching for a second home in the Philippines, acquiring a visa, establishing a business or finding a good investment in the country, we are always here to provide information and advice,” Santos states. “Prior to coming to the Philippines, we can place your application and make sure you know the easiest ways to complete all of the requirements. And if you want to explore while waiting for approval, we can help plan your itinerary, so you are able to make the most of a visit to the Philippines.”

Philsworld Documentation Services also acts as a real estate consultancy assisting with all aspects of a property transaction. The company can help with property management as well if you need it. Additionally, the team at Philsworld Documentation Services is able to advise on the establishment of a corporation while also providing corporate secretarial services and information on government reportorial compliances when doing business in the Philippines.

The one-stop shop approach ensures you don’t have to search all over to find information and support for your activities. It’s all part of Philsworld Documentation Service’s goal of helping international clients better understand everything the Philippines has to offer.

“We are happy to give free advice regardless of if you proceed with the plans or not. Our team has a lot of knowledge and we love sharing it with those overseas so they can know about our country, the Philippines. We provide only quality service and convenience from completing the requirements to value-added aftersales service. And we do it all affordably,” Santos concludes.

For more information on how Philsworld Documentation Services can help you retire in the Philippines, visit www.philsworld.net.ph or email [email protected]