Simple tricks to make your condo seem bigger

Simple tricks to make your condo seem bigger
Light colored moldings and tall bookcases can help make your condo look bigger

Chances are your home is starting to feel a little cramped if you have lived there for a few years now. That tends to happen as we collect more things and need a place to store them. This is especially true if you live in a condominium. And while it may not be possible for you to add more space, there are several simple tricks to make your condo seem bigger.

Before we get to these, it is important to note the best way to make your home seem bigger is to remove the stuff you don’t need. Cluttered rooms naturally feel smaller. In most cases, a lot of this clutter comprises of things you no longer use regularly. Donate these items to free up extra space and help people who could actually use them.

With that out of the way, here are some tricks to make your condo seem bigger. You don’t need to do all of these. Just one or two can make a small space feel big.

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3 tricks to make your condo seem bigger

1) Turn tiny spaces in storage areas

A lot of smaller condo units have tiny spaces that aren’t really usable for daily living. Consider turning these into storage areas. One option is to create built-in shelves designed for that specific place. Another trick is to store things under your bed.

2) Add light colored moldings

Adding light colored moldings to trim the edges of the ceilings and floors add a lot of depth, as they provide just enough visual detail that your eye is naturally, but slowly, carried to the back of the room. These aren’t expensive and don’t take much to install either.

3) Incorporate mirrors

You don’t want to go for the funhouse look, but a few strategically placed mirrors can help your condo feel a lot bigger. In particular, floor length mirrors make a room seem taller while the reflection provides the appearance of more space even if it isn’t really there.

While these simple tricks to make your condo seem bigger provide the illusion of extra space, you may still need a larger place to live. Start your search on Dot Property and find your new home today.