Among the most difficult decisions you will need to make during your property search is deciding if it’s better to buy a furnished or unfurnished condo. There is a case to be made for both sides. On one hand, purchasing a unit that already has furniture in it can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Of course, this comes at the expense of customization. A furnished condo means there is little room to make the space your own. There will also be a few times when you don’t have a say in the matter. With that in mind, let’s explore which option is right for you.

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This is when you should buy a furnished condo

If the unit won’t be your primary residence or you are only planning on staying there for a few years before moving, then it makes much more sense to buy a furnished condo. The time, effort and investment required to furnish it yourself won’t be worth it.

In addition to this, going the furnished route is more practical if you are purchasing a studio or smaller one-bedroom residence. These oftentimes have quirky dimensions that makes finding properly fitting furniture a chore.

This is when you should buy an unfurnished condo

Obviously, you should buy an unfurnished condo if you already have furniture. Those buying a luxury unit may want to consider this option as well. Utilizing the services of an interior designer to craft a bespoke residence can add value to it and make it more appealing on the rental market.

When you don’t have the choice

You won’t have the choice to buy a furnished or unfurnished condo if it is part of a rental program. Developers require you to have their furniture package in order to participate in the scheme and in most cases this cost is included in the final selling price.