Keep your home safe during the holidays with these Christmas lighting tips

Christmas lighting tips
If your Christmas lights are old, it may be worth upgrading to an LED set which are safer and more energy efficient

It’s the holiday season which means many of you will be putting up decorations. The most important item for just about everyone is the Christmas tree which isn’t complete without festive lights. With that in mind, we’ve put together some Christmas lighting tips to ensure your home stays safe.

The good news is that faulty lights won’t burn down most modern homes or condominium buildings. Several layers of protection are in place to stop that from happening. However, unsafe lighting can still cause damage such as melting outlets, blowing a fuse or leaving burn marks on your walls and floors.

Keep these Christmas lighting tips in mind when you are decorating the tree this year. And if you are one of those people who couldn’t resist and already put up your lights, it doesn’t hurt to run through these to make sure your home is safe.

4 Christmas lighting tips

Replace the old lights

Just because your Christmas lights still work doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to keep using them. Older lights, especially glass ones, can break and cause damage. Not to mention they are more expensive to operate. Think about upgrading to LED Christmas lights which are more durable and use less electricity.

Check the cords

Santa makes a list and checks it twice. You, on the other hand, should check your cords twice. Look for cracks or frayed ends that can cause sparks or other malfunctions.

Temperature test

Let’s be real, most Christmas light strings aren’t exactly the best made products in the world. One of the most common problems with them is overheating. And it’s not just the lights themselves. The wires and plugs can become too hot and cause damage. Be sure to regularly check the temperature of everything just to make sure there is no overheating.

Don’t let ornaments touch the lights

Of our Christmas lighting tips, this is the easiest one to follow. If your lights touch ornaments on your tree, it could damage them both as well as the tree itself. Spacing will prevent this while also making your tree look nicer in the process.