New villa project builds a sense of community, wellbeing and green space in Thailand

There is no shortage of upscale housing in Phuket. However, these projects aren’t necessarily tailored to the rapidly growing number of people in search of deeper, richer experiences. For this group, luxury is a connection to their surroundings. Villa Qabalah, a new villa estate on the island, aims to support modern property seekers by building a sense of community, wellbeing and green space in addition to outstanding residences.

During a recent Dot Property Thailand Awards site visit, our team was provided with the opportunity to speak with the developer behind Villa Qabalah. Here’s what we learned.

1) An ode to nature

People associate Phuket with the beach, but there is really much more to the island than golden sands and blue waters. The tropical landscapes found here are charming in their own right. What’s more, numerous studies over the years have proven green spaces improve physical and mental health. Understanding the beauty and benefits of nature influenced the design of Villa Qabalah.

Firstly, the location itself is surrounded by wooded areas on all sides making it unique for Phuket. The developer has already reached an agreement with the surrounding landowners to ensure these trees remain in place.

Inside the development, around 75 percent of the space has been dedicated to greenery. Impressively, more than 100 different species of trees will be found throughout. We’re talking about up, down and all around.

That’s because the residences at Villa Qabalah boast rooftop gardens featuring several trees. There are many benefits to this. It ensures residents always have a direct connection to the environment. The rooftop trees also provide natural shade to the development that can reduce the temperature by up to five degrees.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the green beauty of Villa Qabalah. It really is an ode to nature.

2) Bringing people together

Despite being a destination for digital nomads, Phuket lacks many of the facilities this group needs. The developer of Villa Qabalah did a significant amount of research when designing the project and noted the island was missing communal spaces.

Fostering a sense of community is something the development focuses on as well. The goal was to create a place that could not only strengthen the bonds between people and nature but also be a destination where individuals could cultivate relationships with one another.

In order to accomplish this, Villa Qabalah has spent a lot of effort in curating a clubhouse that would be a hub for the island. Anchored by Tree O’Clock, it’s part café, part co-working space, part bar, part community center and part nature retreat.

The facility, which is slated to open later this year, is envisioned as a destination where everyone can come together. Unlike other Phuket residential developments that try to create a closed environment, Villa Qabalah aims to establish a vibrant community. Much like the trees and plants found all around, it is a place where people too can flourish.

3) The Breathing Place

One of the concepts behind Villa Qabalah is “The Breathing Place”. This concept emphasizes the creation of a clean and uncontaminated environment that allows residents to breathe while avoiding the chaos, toxic and bad energy found elsewhere. Obviously, the wealth of trees and nature plays a big role in this.

But so too do the wellness amenities. A yoga studio and sauna are among the other areas that help make this “The Breathing Place”.

Villa Qabalah is a new type of Phuket project

Villa Qabalah is building a sense of community, wellbeing and green space to ensure people experience genuine connections. Trees and parks create a connection with nature. The wellness facilities allow for the connection of body and mind. Meanwhile, the community amenities, planned activities and Tree O’Clock ensure people can connect with one another.

This new villa project is bringing a much-needed concept to Phuket’s real estate market and the island as a whole. More than simply a place to visit, it will be a place where the public meets to exchange ideas, help each other and enjoy a natural paradise.

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