What is a qualified property sales lead?

qualified property sales lead
Dot Property can provide you with both qualified property sales lead and traditional ones

There is a bit of confusion surrounding what is a qualified property sales lead these days. Some of that stems from the fact different real estate sites have tried to redefine what the term means. For real estate agents and developers, it is important you understand the difference between a qualified property sales lead and just a normal lead.

At Dot Property, we can provide both qualified sales leads and regular sales leads. Each one features a buyer making an inquiry about a property you have listed on our best-in-class real estate marketplace. However, there is a big difference between the two that you should be aware of.

A regular sales lead is someone who has found your listing via one of the websites across the Dot Property network and requested more information. You have more information about the user making the inquiry on your dashboard, but no screening has been done regarding the lead.

On the other hand, a qualified property sales lead is one that has been screened by Dot Property to find out more information about the person making the inquiry. We determine what their budget is, what specifically they are looking for and ensure they are engaged property buyers before turning over the lead to you.

This is why a qualified property sales lead is so valuable. A lot of the groundwork has already been laid for you. Instead of spending time trying to figure out whether or not an inquiry is serious, the qualification process does that for you.

That being said, not every property professional requires lead qualification. Dot Property offers this service for campaigns that either have a higher volume of inquiries coming in or bespoke projects that may have a more targeted audience, such as UK property investors.

Simply put, visitors that make an inquiry on a property website are in no way a qualified property sales lead unless they have been vetted before they reach you. These are still valuable leads, but they will require more work to close the deal.

If you would like to know about lead qualification or other services Dot Property can offer you, get in contact with us today.