The past 12 months saw a lot happen across the world of real estate in Southeast. And Dot Property Group was right there covering the most important items throughout the year. However, you may have missed something interesting. That’s why we’re here with a recap of the top stories from Dot Property in 2021.

Top 15 stories from Dot Property in 2021

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Dot Property is now Dot Property Group. This is much more than a name change, however. The company is revolutionizing how property professionals in Southeast Asia operate. Its newest innovations allow you to work faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

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A look at breweries in Asia with property development ambitions

Singha Beer is widely available across the world. What most people outside of Thailand don’t realize is the same beer maker also develops luxury condominiums and other real estate projects. Some of the Singha developments have been designed to look like a beer pouring into a glass. And it’s not just Singha swapping brews for buildings. There are several breweries in Asia with property development ambitions.

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Can tourism-focused real estate help the Philippine property market rebound?

It feels a bit odd talking about tourism-focused real estate when most visitors are unable to travel to the Philippines at the moment. However, it can be an important driver of a Philippine property market rebound once the situation returns to normal. At the very least, it won’t hurt the developers to consider tourism-focused real estate moving forward.

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Rolling Ant uses video games to innovate the way people view property in Vietnam

Rolling Ant Vietnam
Sales agents using Rolling Ant’s fully nteractive PC application to present at Masterise Homes’s Sales Gallery

On the surface, it appears that video games and real estate may not have a lot in common. However, both are driven by experiences and are extremely visual in nature. Comparisons don’t end there. The best video games are brought to life by being engaging and striking to look at. It’s a similar story for property. Rolling Ant was one of the first companies to realize the similarities. The firm decided to create an innovative range of real estate viewing solutions after spending 16 years developing Xbox 360 and PlayStation triple A titles for companies such as Microsoft, EA and Disney.

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The Dot Property Awards return in person

Dot Property Thailand Awards Winners
From right to left – Mr. Adam Sutcliffe, Dot Property Group Director, Events and International Markets; Khun Apipu Phromyothi, Navarang Asset Chief Executive Officer; Khun Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, MQDC Senior Vice President; Mr. James Claassen, Dot Property Group General Manager; Khun Korn Narongdej, Chief Executive Officer Raimon Land; Khun Wasawat Watanaudomkit, SC Asset Innovative Strategic Manager; Khun Preecha Kulphaisaltham, Pieamsuk Property Development Managing Director

Last year saw in person events return to the Dot Property Awards in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. While the format was different due to COVID-19 regulations in each country, more than 90 winners were announced across the three events in 2021. Find more detail about each one:

The Philippines / Thailand / Vietnam

5 underrated beach destinations in Southeast Asia and where you can buy property

With many countries across the world making plans to reopen travel, people have already begun thinking about the places they wish to visit after nearly two years of being cooped up. And while there is nothing wrong with the usual spots, the most underrated beach destinations in Southeast Asia offer truly unique experiences.

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Thailand real estate’s next big thing: Learn how 8Villas is leading the way in Khon Kaen

Backed by a strong local economy, significant infrastructure investment and a lifestyle people love, Thailand real estate’s next big thing is Khon Kaen and developer 8Villas is at the forefront of this movement. The general livability of the city is outstanding, and its investment potential is unmatched in the country. According to 8Villas, this is the chance to get in on the ground floor of something special.

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Tourism-focused real estate in Vietnam set for bigger and better things

tourism-focused real estate in Vietnam
Ms Bui Thi Thanh Huong is the Vice Chairwoman and CEO of Sun Group, Vietnam’s leading tourism developer

Sun Group was the first developer in Vietnam to recognize both the potential and need for tourism-focused real estate in Vietnam. Today, the developer is seen as the leader in the high-end tourism real estate segment having a portfolio of projects known and loved globally. And with Vietnam among one of the 10 fastest growing tourism countries in the world before the pandemic, its role is as a tourism-focused real estate is increasingly important.

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Explore the most exclusive branded residences in Southeast Asia

Branded residences are nothing new in Asia. Both hospitality and design firms have been lending their brands and the seal of approval that comes with it to residential developments throughout the region. However, Asia’s most exclusive branded residences offer a lot more than just a familiar name.

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Disruption, not decline, will be the lasting legacy of COVID-19 on the Thailand property market

The greatest impact COVID-19 has had on the Thailand property market comes in the form of disruption. There is no denying real estate sales are down throughout the country because of the pandemic. Nearly 90 percent of agents and 91 percent of developers told us as much when asked. However, trends in demand show something beyond an across-the-board decline.

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4 of the most unique condominium developments in the Philippines

Some residential projects are just built differently. And no, we’re not talking about the construction process or materials. The most unique condominium developments in the Philippines are creative, bold and, quite frankly, pretty cool. Several developers haven’t been afraid to think way outside the box.

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The importance of a golden visa in the post-pandemic world

golden visa in the post-pandemic world
The Portuguese golden visa program provides investors with a secure future and the possibility of strong returns

COVID-19 brought with it a number of unforeseen consequences with the most notable being restricted movement. Many Asian high-net worth individuals (HNWIs) found themselves without an alternative other than to wait the situation out. These challenges have highlighted the importance of a golden visa in the post-pandemic world.

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Where can you own freehold property in Asia?

Foreigners looking to own freehold property in Asia have several options at their disposal. As you would expect on such a diverse continent, rules and regulation do vary quite a bit. In some countries, you are limited by property type while other places have restrictions on locations and prices. The good news is that most places that allow foreigners to own freehold property in Asia have fairly transparent processes in place.

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ONE.SIX Development is bringing a new perspective to Thailand real estate

new perspective to Thailand real estate
Khun Tanyatip (Tanya) Chearavanont, CEO and Founder ONE.SIX Development, has brought a new perspective to Thailand real estate

How do you convey an experience when it doesn’t exist? By definition, a project is just some walls, windows, concrete and other building materials. There is nothing inherently special about it. A home doesn’t become a home until it can be experienced. Ultimately, this is what drives ONE.SIX Development.

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Here’s how virtual offices are helping businesses unlock the potential of Malaysia

From its 15th century origins as a trading post to the recent launch of the Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone, Malacca has long supported the ambitions of entrepreneurs from around the world. And while the city, and Malaysia as a whole, move forward with digitalization efforts, the office sector has lagged. The pandemic has only served to exacerbate these issues. Entrepreneurs looking for support have often found themselves shut out of the market until recently.

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