More than a few heads were turned when Vorasit Issara, managing director of Issara Junfa Co., revealed his firm had sold two luxury villas at Baba Beach Club Phuket using only Instagram. Each unit had an asking price of THB 180 million (US$ 5.4 million), which highlights just how limitless the app can be when harnessed.

And it is not just developers who can utilise Instagram to make sales. Real estate agents in the US and Europe have leveraged the app for years and several leading agencies in Southeast Asia have begun to follow suit. With a population that is highly connected and mobile savvy, it can be an easy way to connect with buyers from Southeast Asia.

But enough with the vague generalities. Here are the four reasons you should use Instagram to help sell your property.

1) Reach a younger audience

It can be difficult to reach buyers under the age of 34. While baby boomers are more likely to use Facebook or an old fashion Google search, the younger crowd prefers Instagram. In fact, half of the app’s 500 million users are millennials which means you should tailor content targeting a younger demographic with your Instagram account.

2) It’s easier for people to find you

Thanks to hashtags, geographic searching and an emphasis on recent posts, it is easier for people to find your posts on Instagram and, in turn, the properties you are trying to sell. These processes are very refined which is why the app is popular with both real estate agents and users. When someone looks for #luxuryvillabali, that is what they will find.

3) Photos do the talking

The great thing about Instagram and real estate is that they both lend themselves to stunning photography. Sure, you could describe an infinity swimming pool, but why waste your breath when you could simply show someone a photo of it? Chances are, you already have great photos of the properties you represent (if you don’t, you really should) so put them to work. One great photo of a penthouse or villa may be it all takes to convince someone using Instagram that they have found the property of their dreams.

4) People buy and research using Instagram

According to estimates by Bain & Co, nearly 30 percent of all online sales in Southeast Asia last year occurred through social networks including Instagram. The research also found that 80 percent of shoppers in the region utilised social media to find more information on items and contact sellers. When you use Instagram, you aren’t simply reaching window shoppers. You are connecting with interested buyers.