Agent Spotlight

Agent Spotlight

generate more testimonials

Tips for real estate agents to generate more testimonials

For real estate agents, testimonials are one of the most valuable marketing tools available. It provides an instant credibility boost in the eyes of...
converting FSBOs in Southeast Asia

Here’s what you need to know about converting FSBOs in Southeast Asia

FSBO, otherwise known as for sale by owner, properties can be found in Southeast Asia. For real estate agents, turning these into your own...
qualified property sales lead

What is a qualified property sales lead?

There is a bit of confusion surrounding what is a qualified property sales lead these days. Some of that stems from the fact different...
successfully conduct virtual property viewings

Tips to successfully conduct virtual property viewings

Most real estate agents are changing the way they do business. This means you will need to learn how to use new tools and...
Developers Southeast Asia

What strategies can developers utilize to cope with the current crisis?

The current COVID-19 situation has impacted the global economy as well as real estate markets in individual countries. Property developers in places such as...
property professionals survive COVID-19

How can property professionals survive COVID-19? 2 things to do, 2 things to avoid

These are challenging times for everyone. Property professionals wanting to survive COVID-19 must act carefully to ensure their business emerges unscathed. There are no...
real estate agent difficult client

How real estate agents can deal with a difficult client

Most of your clients will be pleasant to work with. They have an idea of what they want and will rely on you to...
real estate agents tips

4 tips for real estate agents working with international clients

Real estate agents that work with international clients face a lot of unique challenges. Local property seekers are likely going to have totally different...
Holiday season

Holiday season doesn’t need to be a down season for real estate agents

It’s that time of year again. Christmas decorations are going up and people are beginning to focus on the upcoming festive period. For real...

Meet the company changing the way people view their next property

Developers and real estate agents in Southeast Asia have relied on the same few marketing tools for more than a decade now. Homebuilders will...

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